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At this point in time, millions around the globe have picked up the best Starfield backgrounds and begun their interstellar journey. Over your time in the game, you will collect various weapons and gear. However, it’s easy to get overloaded with random stuff, and you might want to sell some of it. For those unaware, Trade Authority shops and kiosks are available in-game to enable you to buy and sell weapons, items, or gear in Starfield. However, it can get difficult trying to locate where they are because of how vast the game is. Well, we thought you might need some help, so we decided to map out where they all were. So keep reading as we show you where all the trade authority locations are in Starfield.

An important thing to note is that we are highlighting not just trade authority shops but also their kiosks in Starfield. For those unaware, you can only sell items in kiosks, while in shops, you can even buy weapons, gear, and items too.

Trade Authority Shop Locations in Starfield

There are various Trade Authority shops in Starfield. These are present throughout all major settlements, so let’s go ahead and cover them.

1. New Atlantis Trade Authority

Location: The Well, New Atlantis, Jemson, Alpha Centauri System

While you would think only a Trade Authority kiosk exists in the city of New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, you would be wrong, as this location also has a full-fledged shop. You will find the trade authority shop in The Well, an underground market housing various things. Begin by heading to it by following our guide on where to find the house of enlightened chest. Once there, keep heading straight down and hike a left. You will then find the shop logo straight ahead.

2. The Den Trade Authority

Location: The Den, Chthonia, Wolf System

One of the only places where your ship isn’t scanned, this trade authority shop exists in a station called The Den in the Wolf System. Make your way to this location by learning how to fast travel in Starfield. Once there, simply walk a few meters ahead, and you will spot the shop to your immediate left. You can now use this trade authority location to buy and sell whatever you want.

3. Cydonia Trade Authority Shop

Location: Cydonia, Mars, Sol System

Situated in the central hub of Cydonia, Sol System, this trade authority shop is in a location that is a bit easy to miss. Begin by landing and entering the central hub, the big building you will see. Once inside, keep walking straight until you descend a set of stairs. Once at the bottom, look to your right, and you will see the shop waiting for you. It will have a small white strip titled “Trade Authority Outpost.”

4. Akila City Trade Authority Shop

Location: Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System

Another major settlement in Starfield is Akila City, in the Cheyenne System, a useful hub of various vendors and shops. One such location is the trade authority shop here. To get there, you need to land in Akila City and enter the main gates. After walking just a few feet, you will see the Galbank on your right. The trade authority shop is just beside it.

5. Neon Volii Trade Authority Shop

Location: Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System

Finally, this trade authority shop is present in the city of Neon in the Volii system. Neon is also one of the places where you can easily get access to contraband in Starfield in the form of Aurora. Once you’ve landed at Neon, take the elevator to the top floor. You’ll then find the trade authority to your left. You can see it right from the elevator itself.

Trade Authority Kiosk Locations in Starfield

As mentioned above, trade authority kiosks are only capable of buying weapons and items from you and not vice versa. If you have to be a buying customer yourself, then stick to the shops above. However, if you want to sell contraband in Starfield, you can rely on these kiosks along with other casual selling ways. Check out all the kiosk locations below.

1. New Atlantis Trade Kiosk

Trade Authority Kiosk New Atlantis

Location: New Atlantis, Jemson, Alpha Centauri

One of the easiest trade authority locations to get to, this kiosk is staring you smack dab in the face when you land in the city. As soon as the player lands in the spaceport, they can glance to the right, and the trade authority kiosk will be there next to a ship technician.

2. The Den Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: The Den, Chthonia, Wolf System

Like the trade authority shop in the Wolf System, the kiosk itself in the Den is authority-free; hence, you won’t be scanned. As before, dock your spaceship in the Den and enter it. As soon as you’re inside, you will find the kiosk starting at you. If you can’t find it, turn a bit to the right, and you will see it. However, you would be hard-pressed to use the kiosk as the shop is also there.

3. Cydonia Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: Cydonia, Mars, Sol System

While we entered the central hub in Cydonia for the shop, you will need to stay out this time. Instead, look for a small building just beside the central hub. There is a small technician’s hub here. You will find the trade authority kiosk standing near it on a balcony.

4. Akila City Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: Akila City, Akila, Cheyenne System

Trade Authority kiosks seem to be centered outside most city gates, as for Akila City. While we previously went a few meters ahead inside Akila City, this time, you need to step out. Face the city gates and look for a ship technician’s building on your right. You will see the kiosk standing right outside that building. Or, if you want the full experience, scroll up for the shop location.

5. Neon Trade Authority Kiosk

Location: Neon, Volii Alpha, Volii System

While Neon is a big city, you don’t need to enter it to go to the kiosk. Instead, focus your attention on a small building to your left as you land in the spaceport. Once inside the building, you will see the trade authority kiosk in a corner waiting to be used.


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