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Starfield, like any RPG worth its salt, is full of not only the best backgrounds and traits but also several real-life environmental conditions. These include afflictions of various body parts. However, one of the most nefarious definitely has to be lung damage that robs the player of a lot of oxygen. While there are many reasons for lung damage in Starfield, thankfully, it can be cured. So, if you’re someone suffering from lung damage, we are here to help. So, without further ado, let’s learn what causes lung damage and how to treat it in Starfield.

Lung Damage in Starfield: What Causes It?

As mentioned above, Starfield has various afflictions that can affect the player’s body parts. These can range from lacerations to even brain damage. These afflictions surface as status effects” that have their disadvantages. Lung Damage in Starfield manifests as one of these effects and can be negative. Players can get lung damage from various sources, including toxic gas vents, extreme temperatures, and solar radiation. Furthermore, walking around while suffering from an affliction can further worsen lung damage.

lung damage starfield

Once the player has lung damage in Starfield, their maximum oxygen capacity is reduced. Furthermore, you get a persistent cough that further reduces it every time you do it. Having a cough will even give away your position while you’re sneaking during missions. So it is all the more important that you treat lung damage in Starfield quickly. Keep reading to learn how to do that.

Best Ways to Treat Lung Damage in Starfield

There are a few ways to treat lung damage in Starfield before it becomes a problem. We have highlighted the most prominent ones that will help you immediately.

1. Take an Injector

The most straightforward way to heal lung damage in the game is to take an Injector. An injector is an item that heals various afflictions like lung damage, brain injury, concussion, heatstroke, poisoning, and more.

injector treat lung damage starfield

You can find either a normal injector or a boosted one, but either will work. Injectors can easily be brought from any vendor in Starfield or crafted at the Pharmaceutical lab using one Membrane and one Metabolic Agent. Once you use an injector, your lung damage will be immediately cured, and you can get afflictions again.

2. Visit a Doctor

A great way to quickly treat lung damage is to visit a doctor in Starfield. Fortunately, you can find doctors in all major settlements, so you should have no trouble running into one. One of the easiest accessible doctors is Dr. Lebedev, who operates out of Reliant Medical in New Atlantis.

heal lung damage from doctor Starfield

Simply head over to the city’s residential district, and you will find his building. Once there, the doctor will treat all your afflictions for 400 credits. This includes helping with your lung damage in Starfield.

3. Simply Wait a While

While we are not sure this will work for everyone, it sure did work for us. Sometimes, the simple act of waiting will slowly heal your lung damage in Starfield. Depending on the severity of the damage, your prognosis will likely start from Poor. However, if you leave it be for 15-20 minutes, the lung damage prognosis should go down to Stable.

Continue giving it time, and you will see a marker saying “Lung Damage Healed” after a while. However, do note that this entire process took about 40 minutes, so if you cannot wait, then the best ways to treat lung damage are the ones above.

We hope this quick guide helped you treat lung damage for your Starfield character. Once you are treated, begin earning credits by learning how to sell weapons, items, and gear in Starfield. In the mood for social connections instead? Learn how to find and recruit Andreja and set off on an adventure.


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