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Starfield, for all the little chinks in its armor, has turned out to be an entertaining game to play. With Bethesda breathing life into the game through the best Starfield backgrounds and best traits, much can be done in the game. If you’ve played it enough, you already know you can even have companions in Starfield. One such fan-favorite companion is Andreja, whom many gamers have fallen in love with. Well, did you know you can romance Andreja in Starfield? We wanted the same and decided to do it and build a dedicated guide to teach you. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Path to Romancing Andreja in Starfield

To begin romancing Andreja in Starfield, you first need to recruit her as a companion to your team. Begin that by learning how to recruit Andreja to your team. Then, you will need to build up affinity points with Andreja to impress her.

Andreja liked that romance guide starfield

These points will be earned by playing the game alongside her and making choices in conversations that line with her likes and dislikes. If you’ve picked the right choice, you will see “Andreja liked that” as a confirmation. Once you keep gaining points, you will unlock certain conversations you must steer correctly. Once done, you will need to finish her companion quest and finally get the option to romance her.

Andreja Starfield: Likes and Dislikes

Andreja is quite possibly the most different companion in Starfield. While other Constellation members have a typical do-gooder approach, Andreja believes in the practicality of life. This is due to her “rough upbringing” and a generally solitary existence. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking she isn’t good. Andreja believes in absolute justice and expects the same from you. So ensure when you decide on a convict, it is always the one that sees them face it.

In Starfield, Andreja believes in getting things done with determination and bravery. As such, she will dislike it if you show hesitation or make cowardly choices. However, she is down for some underhanded tactics, including stealth and pickpocketing, as long as they are for the right reasons. However, she will hate it if you rob or kill innocents, so keep that in mind. She also values honesty, so I would advise never lying to her to keep your points up. With the above points in mind, here are Andreja’s likes and dislikes in short.

Dealing with things with justice Harming innocents
Helping and protecting innocents Lies and deceit
Honesty Cowardice
Bravery Breaking the law

How to Romance Andreja in Starfield

Note: Starfield main mission and story spoilers abound beyond this point. Proceed with caution.

As mentioned above, as you keep playing Starfield with Andreja alongside you, you will keep unlocking conversations with her. There will be three different conversations in which you must choose favorably. In these, she will slowly start to open up about herself, including how she struggles to connect with people, her upbringing, her history, and more.

These conversations will happen randomly, and as you progress, so we can’t give you an exact time for them. However, the first and third conversations are important as they allow you to flirt with her.

Romance Andreja Starfield flirt

The first conversation will happen once she feels comfortable enough with you. In this, she talks about how Constellation member Vladimir can easily get things done and how she lacks his charm. Reply with “[Flirt] Trust Me. You have a lot going for you.” This will fluster her and make her like you a bit more.

Accept Quest Starfield romance andreja

The third conversation is even more important, as she will finally open up about her past as a former member of the “House Va’ruun.” She will further express her regret at supposedly abandoning her fellow members and how she wishes to reconnect with them. By this point, you will have built enough affinity points with Andreja for her to trust you. Hence, she will ask you to accompany her on this journey. Once the does, reply with ” [Flirt] I would do anything for you, Andreja.” This will start the Divided Loyalties quest.

Complete Divided Loyalties Quest

Divided Loyalties is the main companion quest for Andreja. As mentioned above, Andreja asks you to accompany her to check on her long-lost members from the House of Va’ruun. It is a moderate quest packed with exciting moments and some reveals. As such, we won’t spoil it for you. However, we will tell you that you need to finish it to unlock the final conversation that leads you to romance Andreja.

How to Romance Andreja in Starfield

At the end of Divided Loyalties in Starfield, Andreja will ask to speak with you at the Lodge. She will tell you how she has never been able to rely on anyone as she does on you. Once she says this, reply with “[Romance] I’ll always be here for you. I love you.” This option will effectively romance Andreja in Starfield. Once you choose romance, you will be able to flirt with her anytime you wish. Alternatively, you can choose the friendship option, but we don’t think you worked this hard to choose that.

And that’s how easy it was to romance Andreja in Starfield using our dedicated guide. Once you have her by your side, why not pool your stuff and learn how to sell weapons, items, and gear in Starfield? Out doing unlawful things? Do learn how to smuggle and sell contraband here. Did you also know we even have a dedicated Sarah Morgan romance guide? Check it out if you wish to romance another companion. So, did you encounter any difficulties while romancing Andreja? Drop your questions in the comments below.


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