Iqama: How to Get Iqama for Newborn Baby in Saudi Arabia


Almost every Saudi national doesn’t have any problems getting Iqama for their newborn baby in KSA. However, as an expatriate, working in Saudi Arabia, when you become a father or a mother. The 1st thing you will think about is your baby Iqama. This is the reason you are here to know the procedure for how to get an Iqama for your baby recently newborn baby girl or boy in Saudi Arabia. Well, you have reached the right place. Let’s get started with the procedure…

How to Get Iqama for a Newborn Baby

Go to the hospital and get the birth certificate from there. Make sure before getting the birth certificate, your Iqama is valid and has enough validity. Then you should have an Absher account, visit, and book an appointment for submitting the birth documents.

Once you get the appointment, while visiting Jawazat, take the father and mother Iqama and passport copies with you. Now visit your Embassy in KSA to get a passport from there.

Now Pay the dependent levy fee from the date of birth of the child to the father’s Iqama expiry date. Then Get the Jawazat appointment again. Then Visit Jawazat, fill out the Iqama form, and submit all the required docs along with father, months, iqama, and passport copies. Also, don’t forget to take the baby’s passport and its copy and the Absher appointment printout.

Once you submit these docs, Jawazat will issue the Iqama for your newborn baby girl or baby instantly. It may take a week or a month, depending on the workload there in the Saudi Jawazat.

This is how you can apply for the Iqama of your newborn baby in Saudi Arabia. I know the process takes some time but after it’s about the life of your baby. So don’t hassle and get the Iqama for your baby instantly.


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