Saudi Tech Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress Issue

5 Easy Ways to Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issue

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WhatsApp, the heralded communication app, has become the cornerstone of daily conversations for millions. As we share moments with friends and family, having a secure backup of our cherished chats and data remains pivotal. However, the dreaded scenario of encountering a WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress on Android is not unheard of. If you’re grappling with this issue, fear not; this guide is tailored for you.

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How to Fix WhatsApp Backup Issues

Let’s delve into a series of tried-and-tested methods to liberate your WhatsApp backup from the clutches of stagnation.

1. Secure a Steady Internet Connection

Before diving into intricate solutions, ensure your smartphone sails on the seas of a stable internet connection. Unstable connectivity often breeds the WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issue. Check your internet speed using

Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issue: Internet speed test
Internet speed test

You can also check and switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi, or give your router a refreshing restart.

2. A Simple Restart Can Work Wonders

A quick and straightforward remedy involves restarting your smartphone. Whether Android or iPhone, a reboot acts as a reset button, potentially ironing out glitches obstructing the WhatsApp backup process.

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3. Enable Backup Using Cellular Data

Navigate to your WhatsApp settings to ensure that the ‘Back up using Cellular’ feature is enabled. If disabled, this could impede the backup process, particularly if you use WhatsApp with mobile data. Follow the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to settings.
  • Select Chats in settings.
Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issue: Select chat in settings
Select chat in settings
  • In the chat settings, click Chat Backup.
Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issue: Click chat backup
Click chat backup
  • Turn on “Back up using cellular.”
Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issue: Turn on cellular back up
Turn on cellular back up
  • Also, large videos can be the culprits behind long backup durations. Exclude videos from your WhatsApp backup by toggling off the ‘Include videos‘ option in your backup settings.
Turn off include videos
Turn off include videos

4. Force Stop WhatsApp

If the battle persists, resort to a force stop for the WhatsApp app. This entails terminating all processes associated with WhatsApp, providing a clean slate for the app’s functions. Follow the steps below:

  • To resolve the issue of a stuck WhatsApp Backup on your Android device, begin by holding down the WhatsApp app icon on your home screen.
  • Upon the emergence of the menu, select the App info option.
Select app info
Select app info
  • Navigate to the App info screen and locate the Force Stop button; tap on it.
Force stop WhatsApp
Force stop WhatsApp

You’ve successfully addressed the problem of a stalled WhatsApp Backup on Android by executing the force stop function.

5. Keep WhatsApp Updated

Always keep your WhatsApp app up to date. Updates often carry bug fixes and enhance stability. Open your app store, ensure WhatsApp is up-to-date, and start the backup afresh.

Update WhatsApp
Update WhatsApp

Other Tips to Resolve WhatsApp Backup Issue

  1. Purge Old Backups from Google Drive: Sometimes, older backup files on Google Drive can sabotage new attempts. Head to your Google Drive, locate the WhatsApp Backup folder, and bid farewell to the old backups that might be causing interference.
  2. Use a Different Google Account: If the staleness persists, consider linking a different Google Drive account to your WhatsApp. This fresh start might circumvent the hurdles plaguing your current backup.
  3. Reinstall WhatsApp: If all else fails, the final gambit involves reinstalling WhatsApp. This removes corrupted installation files and eradicates potential settings hindering the backup process.


WhatsApp, despite its reliability, can encounter hiccups in the backup journey. With these steps, you can navigate through the WhatsApp Backup Stuck in Progress issues. Share these insights with friends if you find them helpful, and let us know if you require further assistance in resolving your WhatsApp backup challenges.

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