Saudi Tech Tips: Hack Facebook Account in 2024 [100% Working]

How to hack facebook messages of friends

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Their quite a couple of ways how you can easily hack Facebook account in 2024 or view someone’s Facebook inbox messages with or without the target’s phone.

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It’s not written anywhere that you can automatically hack someone’s else Facebook account using those damn online tools.

However, with this article am going to show you some proven tips and hacks on how to hack Facebook messages of friends without their consent.

In this guide, you’ll see how to spy on Facebook messenger chat for free, hack Facebook passwords, or even how to hack your girlfriend’s Facebook messages instantly.

I have read a lot of blog posts about hacking Facebook accounts, some of which promise readers that you can hack someone’s private messages on Facebook by just clicking one button.

That is ridiculous!

Not everyone can just hack Facebook messages by just clicking a button.

However, if you follow this article up to the end you’ll see how strategically you can hack your friend’s Facebook messages without their knowledge.

I have researched and tested some of these tricks and surely they will help you achieve your intentions.

So without wasting a lot of time, Let me show you a step-by-step guide and some of the best tools you can use to hack Facebook messages of friends.

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Just before you even think of hacking your target’s Facebook messages, you’ll need to find a way of how to get access to the victim’s Facebook account.

This Facebook hack may involve getting the target’s phone for a few minutes whereas some other parts of this guide may not be associated with that.

Use Pass Finder App

PASS FINDER app is the best quick and effective solution to hack any Facebook password. Believe me, I experienced it with a friend’s account, the result is impressive!

This application also allows you to bypass double-factor protections (2FA) which means that you can really hack any Facebook password from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Here is an example of PASS FINDER hacking a Facebook password.

You can download PASS FINDER from its official website here:

Facebook Hack  #1 : Phishing

Fortunately, under this Facebook Hack, you might not need direct access to the victim’s device.

However, social engineering skills are highly important if you want to get better results.

Phishing is one the easiest, fun and very accurate Facebook hack to trick someone into getting his Facebook login details.

Phishing is one of the most popular ways how to hack Facebook accounts online.

So how is it done? To hack your Facebook account password using this method, you’ll need to follow the steps below up to the end for better results.

The trick am about to share I have tried and tested myself.

Method 1: Create a Fake Facebook page ( phishing page ) :

In this Facebook hack, we shall use to create a fake Facebook login page, so you don’t need to worry about any coding technicalities.

You can send the fake page by email or WhatsApp to the victim, and this page will look exactly the same as the real Facebook page.

If the victim enters his personal information and logs in to that page, you will get all his information instantly.

What makes the phishing process difficult is the creation of a fake login page and hosting account. However, in this article, we have revised a shortcut method for you.

Step 1: At the start, Create an account with

Step 2: After creating your account, log in and you’ll see something like the screenshot below.

how to spy on friends facebook inbox messages

Step 3: On row 1 where there is Facebook website logo, Click ‘ English ‘ > Press “Ctrl+C” (to copy the link ).

how to hack facebookmessages of friends

Step 4 : Open a new tab window and paste the link in the URL bar, you’ll see something like that below.

how to hack facebook account password

If you want to tell it’s fake Facebook login page, just look at its URL . It’s not .

Fake facebook login page

How to check Facebook hacked accounts and passwords

So how does this Facebook hack work? To get results from this trick, we shall send the link above and disguise the target to click through it and log in with their Facebook password and username.

After that, the link will automatically redirect the target to the Facebook official home page.

So if you’re lucky enough and your target logs in, the link will automatically save the login details of the target.

To get them, you’ll follow the procedures below.

Go to the top bar and Click My Victims Tab > Click to Continue.

You’ll now see login Facebook username and password saved under this tab. Congratulations! You have hacked a Facebook account.

howto hack facebook messages of friends

Method 2 : Hack Facebook Account using Forgot password hack .

I won’t lie about the efficiency of this Facebook hack but to some extent if you’re lucky and the targets’ Facebook security is weak , you’ll easily hack their Facebook account password .

Here is a step by step guide on how to hack Facebook account password using Forgot password trick .

Important to Note : You should at least know someones username or email in this trick .

Step 1: Open your Facebook account and Logout . then click add new account.

Step 2: Login page of Facebook will open, enter username of someone you want to hack, and since you don’t know their password select Forgot Password .

Hack facebook account

Step 3 : To verify it’s your Account . Choose SMS Option and enter your phone number .

how to hack facebook messages of friends

Step 4 : You’ll receive a password reset link inform of SMS to change Facebook password .

Step 5 : Open the SMS and click the link to reset Facebook password from Change Password Section.

Step 6 : Enter the new password of your choice and login to Facebook Account .

hack facebook account using forgot password trick

Facebook Hack #2 : How to see someones private messages on Facebook

In this section am going to show you different Facebook hacks and tricks on how to see someone’s private messages on Facebook.

Remember you should at least follow the step-by-step process up to the end for better results.

Method #1 : How to spy on Facebook messages using Key-logger Applications

How to view someone else’s Facebook messages using Mspy

Unfortunately, this application is not available free of charge.

However, to hack Facebook messages of friends using mspy, you need to follow the step-by-step guide below.

Mspy is a known spying application.

Step 1: Go to and purchase the application package of your choice.

hack instagram

Step 2: The Software will send you a confirmation email along with login details.


Step 3: View mspy Demo to understand how the software works.

Step 4: Then install the spy application on the target device and you’ll access results from your mspy dashboard.

Step 5: Access the Facebook feature to view messages and pictures.

Step 6: Use the keylogging feature to monitor Facebook account without the target’s knowledge.

Hack Instagram

Method #2 : How to spy on Facebook messenger chat using iKeyMonitor

Ikeymonitor records every Facebook message on the target device and sends you the results online.

However, the keylogger application is not free of charge, though you can use the free version for three days.

Follow the steps below to get started using ikeymonitor.

ikeylogger Instagram Hack

Step 1: Visit & Select free trial.

hack whatsapp

Step 2: Select device type, Yes I can get the device in my hand > and sign up with the required details as shown below.

hack instagram

Step 3: After signup, check your email account. You will receive a mail from ikeymonitor like this.

Step 4: Go back to ikeyMonitor window and login. Wait for Dashboard to load, it will look like something below.

Step 5 : Download and install ikeymonitor application on target device using the window shown below .

Follow steps according to your need .

Step 6: After downloading and installing the application on the target device, you can now receive logs online from your dashboard. You can also receive data from other applications as well.

Tip: If you want the targets password, then uninstall then install the Facebook app on your victim phone. It will log out the Facebook account ( or clear data app)

How to see someones private messages on Facebook with Spyzie Application

This is another hacking application that will help you hack someone’s private messages on Facebook without a lot of hustle.

The application has got keylogger features that access keystrokes on the target device.

Follow the steps below if you want to hack a Facebook account using Spyzie.

Step 1: Create an account with spyzie at

Hack instagram with spyzie

Step 2: You’ll receive a confirmation email with login details to your dashboard

Step 3: Install the application on target device. Follow demo if you can’t install the application.

Step 4: Once installation is complete, login to spyzie dashboard using credentials provided in email.

Hack instagram with spyzie

Step 5: Access the keylogger feature from the right menu of the dashboard.

Wait for the target to access his/her Facebook and you’ll receive a keylogger alert on your computer.

You can use the password key log details to access the target Facebook account from PC.

hack instagram

How To Hack Facebook Accounts Using Session Hijacking And Cookie Stealing

This Facebook Hack may be a bit tricky but it’s very easy than you may think.

To hack a Facebook account using this trick, you’ll need Cain and Abel, Wireshark, and Add-on Cookie manager.

Also, use Firefox 3 or a newer version that supports an Add-on Cookie manager . After getting those, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Gain access to your network by going to the control panel. If you can’t access it, use backtrack.

Step 2: Open and Run Cain software as an administrator (Right-click on the icon > Run as an administrator ).

Then go to configure tab and add the wireless or LAN adapter which is used on your own computer.

After you are done, select sniffer option and the second button from the left.

hack facebook account

After, click on an empty box and then on + (blue) icon. At this point, you can see the available devices.

Go to the bottom part of the software and click on APR icon.

How to hack facebook account

Step 3:  Once you’re done clicking the APR, Confirm the step and minimize the Cain software. Make sure the application stays active in the background.

How to hack facebook messages friends

Step 4: It’s time now, Open WireShark as an administrator ( Right-click ).

Click on Capture/Interfaces. Here you will have to choose the correct interface which is used with the suitable Network.

This is a great time to wait a couple of seconds and see the traffic being generated.

How to spy of facebook messenger chats for free

Step 5: While WireShark is still open, use filters to get the suitable values.

Type http.cookie and select the files which start with the POST. This is an important point, simply because POST stands for data that has been sent to a targeted website, in this case, Facebook.

How to hack facebook password

Step 6: Obtain the cookies, you can do this by filtering the results by typing Facebook. Then, you will be presented with the cookie-related files.

Right-click on a file and export the selected package file as a value. In other terms, this will copy the cookies, including the data you need.

How to hack facebook account

Step 7: Now you will have to open the Facebook page.

Open the Firefox cookie editor and replace the actual cookies with the cookies you have just obtained from the Wireshark and Cain.

In addition, for domain type URL of Facebook. For the path, type ‘’/’’.

Step 8 : Refresh the page . Close the cookie editor and refresh the page.

If you completed all tasks successfully, the page will refresh as you are logged in.

If not, try with different cookies. Eventually, you will understand which cookies are the right ones to use and which ones should be used in the first place.

The last trick was originally shared on copy9 .com.

Conclusion :

Their quite a lot of other tricks & hacks that can help you hack Facebook messages of Friends like Man in the middle Attack which involves hacking your victim by tricking them into connecting to a fake wireless Network, then you can steal his login information by doing MITM attack .

There is a lot of information online about phishing, so take some time to investigate before you try any phishing method.

If you are the person that wants to protect yourself from being phished, the best thing you can do is to never click on suspicious e-mail or Whatsapp links.

Always be careful when receiving such clickbait links and double-check if you need to enter personal information.

You can also install powerful antivirus to block these phishing sites.

This article is solely intended for education purposes, any misuse of the information shall not be the responsibility of the author nor .

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