Saudi Tech Tips: How to an eSIM from MTN Uganda

eSIM from MTN

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This guide will show you how to get an eSim from MTN Uganda.

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eSIM, or “electronic SIM,” is a tiny chip inside your phone that replaces a physical SIM card. It stores your phone number and carrier info digitally, allowing you to switch carriers without changing physical cards. Unlike physical or regular SIM cards, the eSIM is embedded in your device.

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Requirements to Get MTN Uganda eSim

  1. Compatible device.
  2. Original valid ID- National ID/Refugee card/Passport.
  3. Carry regular sim for eSimswap

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MTN Uganda eSIM Price

The MTN eSIM costs UGX 3,500 only.

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How to Get MTN eSIM in Uganda

1. Before thinking of acquiring an MTN eSIM, it’s essential to ensure that your device supports eSIM technology. To find out, dial *#06# on your mobile- and if your device is compatible, it will show an EID number.

2. Once you’ve confirmed that your device supports eSIM, the next step is to visit the nearest MTN Store in your area. You will need to carry your device since the eSim is embedded in your device.

3. At the MTN shop, inform the teller or customer care attendant that you would like to get an eSIM. You will be availed an eSim application form, fill in all the required details. Present your ID and form to the customer care attendant. The attendant will initiate the eSim registration process and set up the eSIM function on your device.

The same process applies to sim swaps from regular/physical MTN sim cards to eSims.

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