Saudi Tech Tips: How to Create and Add Music Video to WhatsApp Status in 2024

How to Create and Add Music Video to WhatsApp Status

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WhatsApp, a hub for expression and connectivity, isn’t just about exchanging messages; it’s a canvas for sharing your creativity. Similar to Instagram, WhatsApp hosts an engaged community that showcases various talents through Status updates. While the platform wasn’t initially designed as a creative space, users are inclined to enhance their Status videos, pushing the boundaries of expression. So, what if you want to infuse your WhatsApp Status with a harmonious backdrop? The answer is yes, you can indeed add background music to your WhatsApp Status, and we’re here to guide you through the process with a few easy methods.

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How to Add Music to WhatsApp Status

Dive into the world of musical expression within your WhatsApp Status with these straightforward methods. Read on to explore the avenues of enhancing your Status updates.

1. Adding Music to WhatsApp Status without any App

If you’re willing to trade a bit of quality for simplicity, this method allows you to add music without resorting to third-party apps. Here’s how:

  1. Open your phone’s music player or use online music apps like Spotify or Audiomack, ensuring the music plays through the speaker.
  2. While the music plays, open WhatsApp, navigate to the Status tab, and start video recording on your Status.
Record live video on WhatsApp
Record live video on WhatsApp
  1. This records the video along with the speaker’s sound. Once done, tap the green arrow to send the video to your Status.

This straightforward approach leverages your phone’s built-in capabilities to weave music into your WhatsApp Status seamlessly.

2. Add Background Music to WhatsApp Status using YouCut

YouCut, a versatile video editing app for Android, steps in when you seek a bit more control over the process. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the YouCut Video Editor app on your Android device.
Download and Install the YouCut app
Download and Install the YouCut app
  1. Tap the (+) icon, add the video you want to enhance, then tap on the Music button.
Click the Plus Icon
Click the Plus Icon
  1. Select the music, adjust start and end times, and save the edited video.
Select the music button
Select the music button
  1. Set resolution, frame rate, and quality, then save again.
  2. Once you are done with the edit, save and upload the video to your WhatsApp Status.

This method provides a hands-on approach to syncing your favorite tunes with your WhatsApp Status videos.

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3. Add Songs to WhatsApp Status using VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor, a favorite among Instagram and TikTok users, is a robust video editing app for Android/iOS. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download and install VN Video Editor on your smartphone.
Install VN Video editor
Install VN Video editor
  1. Open the app, tap the (+) icon, and select the video.
Add video to edit
Add video to edit
  1. Tap the Music (+) icon, select your preferred music, adjust settings, and export the edited video.
  2. Share the exported video to your WhatsApp Status.

VN Video Editor offers a comprehensive suite of tools to seamlessly integrate background music into your WhatsApp Status.

4. Add Songs to WhatsApp Status using Inshot video editor

InShot, another commendable video editing app for Android, empowers you to add music effortlessly. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Download and install the InShot video editor on your Android smartphone.
Install Video editor & Maker app
Install Video editor & Maker app
  1. Open the app, select the video, tap on the Music icon, and choose your desired music.
  2. Adjust the music’s start and end times, save the video, and set resolution, frame rate, and format.
  3. Save the edited video and share it to your WhatsApp Status.

InShot brings simplicity and effectiveness to the process of adding music to your WhatsApp Status.

Other Video Editors to Add Music to Videos

Beyond the mentioned apps, several other video editors for Android offer the capability to integrate music into your videos:

  1. VideoShow Video Editor: A lightweight yet powerful video editor available on the Google Play Store.
  2. Filmora: From Wondershare, Filmora provides advanced video editing features on the go.
  3. KineMaster: A feature-rich video editor, animation maker, and video maker app for Android.

Experiment with these additional apps to discover your preferred method of elevating your WhatsApp Status with the perfect musical backdrop.


While WhatsApp might not offer a built-in tool for adding background music to your Status, these workarounds empower you to tailor your videos manually. You can navigate the realm of free video editing apps, though keep an eye out for potential watermarks. Share your creative Status updates on WhatsApp with a musical flair, crafting a personalized experience for your audience. If you have any other apps in mind for adding music to videos, share them with us in the comments below. Happy Status updating!

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