Saudi Tech Tips: How to Do a Privacy Check on WhatsApp Real Quick

How to Do a Privacy Check on WhatsApp Real

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With cyber threats on the rise, it’s crucial to regularly conduct privacy checks on your WhatsApp account to safeguard your sensitive data. Previously, you could single-handedly set up your privacy settings. However, WhatsApp created a one-stop center for all that. This feature allows users to choose who can contact them, and who can see their profile, tightening privacy and protection for their WhatsApp account.

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Here is how you can perform a privacy check on WhatsApp;

What is the WhatsApp Privacy Check

WhatsApp has just introduced the Privacy Checkup feature on both Android and iOS platforms, enhancing the security protocols of the widely used social media application.

WhatsApp’s privacy checkup feature allows users to customize their account’s privacy and security configurations by adding all these settings onto a single page facilitating convenient access and efficient management.

Starting a privacy checkup on WhatsApp is a straightforward process, with easy-to-follow steps;

  • To access the privacy feature on an iPhone, tap on Settings and then navigate to the Privacy section. Following this, initiate the Checkup by selecting the Start Checkup option in the top banner. This will allow you to conveniently handle your Privacy preferences within a unified page.
  • On Android devices, users can access the Privacy Checkup feature by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and navigating to Settings > Privacy. Flow through by tapping on the Privacy Check link.

WhatsApp’s Privacy Checkup Features and How to Use Them

As earlier mentioned in this article, the WhatsApp Checkup feature is a one-stop center for all your WhatsApp privacy settings. Here is what you can do with this feature;

1. Choose Who Can Contact You:

This option allows WhatsApp users to control who contacts them and stop calls or messages they don’t want. They can also decide who can add them to groups, silence calls from unknown numbers, and handle contacts they’ve blocked.

WhatsApp's Privacy Checkup Features and How to Use

2. Control Your Personal Info:

Through the “Manage Your Personal Information” option, you can restrict the audience that has access to your profile photo and online status. You can choose who can view their profile photo, last seen and online status, and read receipts.

WhatsApp's Privacy Checkup Features and How to Use

3. Add More Privacy to Your Account

The “Enhance Chat Privacy” feature enables you to control access to your WhatsApp messages and media, bolstering the confidentiality and security of your chats. Within this setting, you can establish a default timer for your messages to vanish after a specific duration, toggle the display of message previews in new message notifications, and oversee End-to-End Encrypted backups.

WhatsApp's Privacy Checkup Features and How to Use

4. Add More Protection to Your Account

The final element in the WhatsApp Privacy Check feature provides an additional security measure for your account. You can safeguard WhatsApp by using Face ID, fingerprint lock, or implementing two-step verification.

WhatsApp's Privacy Checkup Features and How to Use

Give your WhatsApp Account a Privacy Set-up

Follow the step-by-step guide above so that you can perform a quick and effective privacy check on your WhatsApp account, enhancing the security of your personal information. Stay vigilant, update your settings regularly, and adopt best practices to enjoy a safer and more private messaging experience on WhatsApp.

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