Saudi Tech Tips: How to Download Free iPhone Music 2024

How to Download Free iPhone

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Free iPhone music download options have been an outcry for decades. The iPhone generation is not treating the local man well. The real iPhone users know the difficulties the Apple company has continuously thrown at them. Keeping up with the trend is hard when you can’t vibe to your month’s favorite jam unless you have paid for an iTunes subscription.

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Free iPhone Music Vs iTunes (now Apple Music)

For starters, Apple Music is that stopping place (like Google Music, or not) where you will find thousands of your favorite music/song playlists in all genres. It has taken shape since the mid-2000s but does not accept free music downloads. What is the difference between Apple Music and iTunes, you might wonder?
Apple rebranded the iTunes app to now, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.

Apple Music (then iTunes) is now dedicated to offering subscription-based music streaming and download services, just like Deezer or Tidal.

Interestingly, problems birth solutions, and I don’t want you to be left behind with this free iPhone music thing. You might have googled, watched YouTube videos, and failed but Not Today. Below, I have listed Free iPhone music download options, other than Apple Music.

3 Free iPhone Music Download Apps

Here is how we are going to run away from Apple Music and save some cash from the somewhat costly music streaming subscription services.
First, on the list, we have:

1. Documents 5/6

Go to your App store, type “Documents” and download this awesome YouTube downloader. 5 is the later version and 6 is the newer version of the app.
  • Open Documents and look for its web browser icon, which is the little compass at the bottom right of the display.
  • Tap on that and go to
  • Paste the address of the YouTube clip in the big input box, choose the quality options you prefer and the file will start to download.
  • After it’s download, it will appear in the download option.
  • Transfer/move it to your photos library by clicking on the options.

You can now play your videos in the photos library at no cost. However, you can’t transfer audio, this implies that you are fixed to playing them in the app.
Better than nothing, no?

2. Audiomack – Free Apple music download

Audiomack app
Audiomack app

Audiomack is another one-stop music vending platform that won’t cause you a headache on your iPhone. Few pop-up ads and all you need is to download/play music within the app. Your downloaded music stays in the record, so no worries about which song I downloaded.

  • My experience with the app is a love-hate kind of thing. I created an account with Audiomack (something I recommend).
  • I search for certain songs in the search box and sadly some don’t exist but all in all, that’s what comes with freebies.
  • You only need an internet connection and you will always find your top songs in the Offline section.

3. eSound – Apple Music download alternative

eSound app
eSound app iPhone display

My best annoying audio-downloading app. Annoying because of its constant ads which I have gotten used to with time. The best I recommend because you never miss any song whether new, Ugandan, or international. You are either using this one or paying Apple for music. They updated their logo; it now has two triangular-colored green bulletins, be sure to download the right app.

How to download free iPhone music with eSound?

  • Go to the App Store and download it.
  • Upon opening it, you will be ushered straight to its home where you will find different playlists all over the globe and different genres.
  • The library and search icons are also stand-alone. 
  • A tap at the library icon flashes a display of tracks (downloading/downloaded), playlists and artists. Search all your artists/music and then tap on the 3 dots on the left side of the song that will prompt you to either save, download offline, etc.
  • Choose download offline to listen to the song when you’re offline.
  • You can also first listen to the song with just a simple tap if you are using some Gaga Wednesdays or Africell bundles or probably Airtel 4G bundles.


These 3 applications should save your Feb-worry as you listen to some inspirational music to take you through the year.

In case any of the choices fail, it’s either because of your iOS version as you need to update to the latest or the app’s other requirements. Audiomack and eSound have minimum requirements that almost all iPhone 4s users can meet, so have no excuse for failing to get free iPhone music.

If at all you have any other FREE iPhone music download options that you are using, or know of, share them with us in the comments section below.

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