Saudi Tech Tips: How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Syncing Issue

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Waiting for emails that never arrive promptly can be exasperating, and when it comes to Microsoft Outlook, syncing issues can be a common culprit. If you find your Outlook not syncing correctly, there are various reasons and solutions to explore. In this detailed guide, we’ll navigate through troubleshooting steps to ensure that you seamlessly connect your Outlook and deliver emails as expected.

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Steps to Fix Outlook Not Syncing

1. Verify Internet Connection

The first step in solving Outlook syncing issues is checking your internet connection. No emails are possible without a connection, whether it’s through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or mobile data. Simple checks include trying to access a website via a browser or using services like to ensure proper speed and ping rates. If you encounter an issue, reboot your router, check cables, or make sure your device is connected to the most stable network.

Tip for Mobile Users: On mobile devices, conflicts between Wi-Fi and data connections can occur. Ensure you are using the connection with the best connectivity for a seamless experience.

2. Check Offline Mode in Outlook

Accidentally enabling Offline mode in Outlook can prevent syncing. To disable it:

  • Open Outlook and click the Send / Receive tab.
  • Under Preferences, toggle off the Work Offline button.
Check offline mode in Outlook
Check offline mode in Outlook

This simple step ensures your Outlook is online and ready to sync.

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3. Manually Update Your Outlook Emails

If automatic syncing fails, manually updating your inbox can be a workaround:

  • Open Outlook and click the Send / Receive tab.
  • Click Send/Receive All Folders.
Microsoft Outlook: Update the send and receive folder
Update the send and receive folder

This manually triggers a sync for all folders and messages, ensuring your inbox is up to date.

4. Manage Sorting Options in Outlook

Incorrect sorting settings can give the impression of syncing issues. If older emails are displacing newer ones, it might seem like Outlook is not syncing. To fix this:

  • Open Outlook and select the Home tab, then click By Date at the top of your email list.
Microsoft Outlook: Select the filter button
Select the filter button
  • Under the Arrange by section, select Date, and in the Sort section, ensure Newest on Top is selected.
Microsoft Outlook: Filter email by date
Filter email by date

This ensures your emails are sorted correctly, resolving any misperceived syncing issues.

5. Repair Your Outlook Email Account Settings

If problems with your email account are hindering syncing, repairing your email account might be the solution:

  • Select the File tab, and click Info in the left column.
  • Click the Account Settings dropdown and choose Account Settings.
Account information settings
Account information settings
  • Select the problematic email account, click Repair, and follow the onscreen instructions.
Microsoft Outlook: Repair outlook account
Repair outlook account

Note: For those connected to an Exchange Server, the Repair option might not be available.

6. Check for Blocked Senders in Outlook

If specific emails are not arriving, it’s possible you’ve inadvertently blocked them. To verify:

  • Select the Home tab in Outlook and click the Junk E-mail option.
Microsoft Outlook: Remove email from junk list
Remove email from junk list
  • In the Junk Email Options window, ensure necessary contacts aren’t listed.
  • To unblock an address, highlight it, click Remove, and then OK.

7. Update the Outlook App

Outdated apps can lead to syncing issues. Ensure your Office 365 suite, including Outlook, is updated:

  • Click the File tab and choose Office Account.
Open Office account settings
Open Office account settings
  • Click the Update Options dropdown and select Update Now.
Click update now
Click update now

Wait for Office to check and install available updates. Restart Outlook to see if the syncing problem persists.

8. Clear Outlook App Cache

Cached files can sometimes cause syncing problems. Clearing the app cache can resolve this:

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.
  • Type %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache and click OK.
Open Outlook roaming files
Open Outlook roaming files
  • Press Ctrl + A to select all files and press Delete.
Delete roam cache files
Delete roam cache files

Note: Before deleting, it’s advisable to back up cache files to restore them if needed.

9. Repair the Outlook App

If all else fails, consider repairing the Outlook app:

  • Search and open Control Panel from the Start menu.
Open the control panel
Open the control panel
  • Click on “Uninstall a program“.
Select uninstall a program
Select uninstall a program
  • Select the Office app and click on Change
  • Select Quick repair and click on Repair to proceed.
Repair the Outlook app
Repair the Outlook app

If your Outlook is still not synching after performing the quick repair, try the Online repair. This will take longer to repair than the initial repair.


Getting your emails promptly is crucial, and resolving Outlook syncing issues ensures you stay on top of your communication. Whether it’s tweaking settings, updating the app, or clearing caches, these steps should help you troubleshoot and fix any syncing problems effectively. Remember, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to use the repair tools provided by Microsoft Office for a comprehensive solution.

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