Saudi Tech Tips: How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on X (Twitter)

How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on X (Twitter)

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X formerly known as Twitter, a dynamic platform for social interaction and connection, has undergone significant changes with the introduction of various features. While Twitter is a feature-rich environment, there’s a crucial aspect that occasionally requires attention: stability.

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‘Oops, Something Went Wrong. Please Try Again Later.‘ X users often encounter the frustration of seeing the error message, ‘Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.’ This interruption in the Twitter experience can occur seemingly out of nowhere, hindering actions like checking retweets or comments and sharing tweets.

Why Does ‘Something Went Wrong’ Appear on X (Twitter)?

The appearance of the ‘Something went wrong’ error can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Internet Issues: Your internet may be unstable or not working. Usage of VPN or Proxy services might interfere.
  2. Server Outages: Twitter might be facing a server outage globally.
  3. Cache and Installation Data: Corrupted web browser or app cache and faulty Twitter app installation data.

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How to Resolve the ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error

Given the diverse causes, troubleshooting becomes essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Check Internet Connection:

  • Ensure your internet is active and stable.
  • Switch between Mobile and WiFi networks.

2. Hard Refresh the Web Page:

If the ‘Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later’ error appears while on X website, resolve it with a hard refresh. Clearing cache and reloading the website’s can often fix the issue.

  • To perform a hard refresh to clear the cache, use the following key shortcuts: CTRL+F5 (Chrome), Shift+F5 (Firefox), CTRL+Shift+F5 (Microsoft Edge).
Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on X: Hard refresh X webpage
Hard refresh X webpage

3. Check Twitter’s Server Status:

If your internet is working but the webpage won’t load, check for a possible Twitter server outage. Global server issues can disrupt features like tweeting, media access, and video playback.

  • To verify if X is facing a global server outage, visit the Twitter Server Status Page on downdetector.
Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on X: Check server downtime
Check server downtime

4. Twitter Rate Limit:

Encountering the ‘Something Went Wrong’ error suddenly on Twitter might indicate that you’ve reached the daily Twitter Rate Limit. Persistent display of the error message suggests that your Twitter account has surpassed the rate limit. The following are the current rate limits on Twitter.

  • New unverified accounts have a limit of 500 posts.
  • Unverified accounts can post up to 1000 times.
  • Verified accounts enjoy a higher limit of 10,000 posts.

If the inability to view posts persists even after a day of waiting, it becomes necessary to explore methods to circumvent the Twitter Rate Limit.

5. Force Stop the Twitter App:

Dealing with the ‘Something Went Wrong’ error on the Twitter app can be effectively addressed by force-stopping the application. This action eliminates any bugs or glitches that might be interfering with the app’s proper functionality. Follow these steps to force stop the Twitter app on your Android device:

  • To initiate the process, long press on the Twitter app icon on your home screen and select “App Info.”
Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on X: Open app info
Open app info
  • Navigate to the “App Info” screen and tap on “Force Stop.”
Fix ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error on X: Force stop X app
Force stop X app

By following these steps, you can successfully force stop the Twitter app on your Android device.

7. Clear Twitter App Cache:

If the error persists, especially on the Twitter mobile app, consider clearing the app cache. Follow these steps to clear the Twitter app cache:

  • Begin by long-pressing the Twitter Android app and selecting “App Info.”
  • On the “App Info” screen, choose “Storage Usage.”
Open app storage
Open app storage
  • Navigate to the “Storage Usage” screen and tap on “Clear Cache.”
Clear app cache
Clear app cache

This process effectively clears the Twitter app cache. For iOS users, uninstall the Twitter app and reinstall it from the Apple App Store.

6. Update the Twitter App:

An alternative solution to resolve the ‘Something Went Wrong’ error involves updating the Twitter app. Many users have reported the successful resolution of this error by simply updating the app. Older versions of the Twitter app may contain bugs preventing users from accessing posts or media content. To update the app:

  • Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install any pending updates for the Twitter app.
Update app
Update app

After the update, use the app, and you should no longer encounter the error screen.

8. Turn off VPN/Proxy Services:

Another potential culprit for the error is the use of VPN or proxy services. When employing these services, your Twitter app attempts to connect to a server distant from your actual location, leading to prolonged connection times and various issues. If the error persists, and you are using a VPN or proxy service, disable it and check for resolution. Many users have reported successfully fixing the ‘Something Went Wrong’ error on Twitter by turning off their VPN or proxy app.


These methods address various aspects, from connectivity issues to application glitches, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable Twitter journey. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your peers and let us know if further assistance is required in the comments.

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