Saudi Tech Tips: How to Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows 11

How to Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

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WhatsApp, a cornerstone of modern communication, occasionally encounters glitches that disrupt its seamless user experience. When you get the error “WhatsApp Microphone is Unavailable‘ or ‘Microphone is In use in another app’ that means Windows 11 is blocking WhatsApp from using the microphone due to security reasons. These errors will pop up when you are using the WhatsApp app on your Windows 11 laptop.

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In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this problem before providing a comprehensive guide on potential fixes.

Why is Your WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable on Windows 11?

Outdated or Incompatible Audio Drivers: Windows 11 relies on audio drivers to facilitate communication between the system and external devices. If your audio drivers are outdated or incompatible, it can lead to the unavailability of your microphone on WhatsApp.

Privacy Settings and Permissions: Windows 11 boasts robust privacy settings, and sometimes, these settings might interfere with WhatsApp’s access to your microphone. Insufficient permissions can cause the app to be unable to utilize the microphone for voice communication.

Software Bugs or Glitches: Like any software, WhatsApp is susceptible to bugs and glitches. An update or a recent installation might have triggered unforeseen issues that affected the functionality of the microphone on Windows 11.

Conflicting Applications: Other applications running in the background could conflict with WhatsApp, resulting in the unavailability of the microphone. Resource conflicts and interference from other software can disrupt normal operations.

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Possible Fixes for WhatsApp Microphone Unavailability on Windows 11

1. Restart your WhatsApp and Windows 11 Laptop

If you find your microphone unavailable on WhatsApp or Windows 11, a quick restart can be the solution. For WhatsApp, simply close and reopen the application. On Windows 11, navigate to the Start menu, click on the Power icon, and select Restart. This process helps refresh system configurations, potentially resolving any glitches affecting your microphone. By restarting these platforms, you ensure that communication barriers are eliminated, allowing for clear and uninterrupted conversations. If the restart does not clear the bug, update audio drivers.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

2. Adjust Privacy Settings and Allow WhatsApp Access to Microphone:

To address an unavailable microphone on WhatsApp in Windows 11, modify privacy settings and also grant WhatsApp access to your device’s microphone. This simple adjustment empowers WhatsApp to seamlessly use your microphone. Here is what you should do to adjust privacy settings;

1. Open Start then go to Device Settings.

2. Click on Privacy and Security.

3. Scroll to and select Microphone.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

4. Activate Microphone access.

5. Enable Let Apps Access Your Microphone.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

6. Look for your WhatsApp app and enable the Microphone.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

3. Update Audio Drivers:

Audio drivers in Windows 11 are software components that enable communication between the operating system and audio hardware. Updating drivers ensures compatibility, improves system stability, and enhances audio performance by fixing bugs and adding features. Regular updates help maintain optimal functionality and address security or compatibility issues. Therefore, ensuring that your audio drivers are up to date could resolve the ‘Microphone unavailable’ error. Do this;

1. Press Windows + R and type “devmgmt.msc” then press Enter.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

2. In the Device Manager, expand the “Audio inputs and outputs” category. 

3. Double-click on the Microphone then select Driver tab followed by Update Driver as shown in the picture below.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

4. In the Update Driver window, select “Search automatically for drivers.” Windows will search for and download any available updates for your audio driver.

5. Follow the prompts to install the updated driver on your computer and once the installation is complete, Restart your computer. 

4. Uninstall & Reinstall WhatsApp:

If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. This step ensures a clean installation, potentially resolving software-related issues causing microphone unavailability. To uninstall find the WhatsApp app then click on Uninstall.

Fix WhatsApp Microphone Unavailable in Windows

Once the App is uninstalled, head over to Microsoft Store and install it again. Here is how to install apps on your Windows laptop.

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