Saudi Tech Tips: How to Force your Android to use 4G LTE Only

Force your Android to use 4G LTE

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Usually, your phone automatically picks the best connection from 2G, 3G, and 4G for the most efficient connectivity. What happens in scenarios where you want to maintain the internet connection to 4G, regardless of the signal strength? Fortunately, there is away to go about it if you own an Android device with 4G LTE support, there’s a way to make it exclusively use the 4G network mode.

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4G LTE is super important on Android because it makes your internet faster. It’s like the fourth version of mobile internet, and it gives you quick and smooth online experiences. With 4G LTE, things like watching videos, playing games, and downloading big files become much faster and better. Your calls also get clearer, making your overall phone experience more reliable and enjoyable. As new apps and services use more data, having a strong 4G LTE connection is like having a fast lane for your phone, keeping you connected and making everything work quicker and smoother.

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Here is how to force your Android phone to use the 4G LTE connection only;

  • Access the Phone application on your Android device and input the code ##4636## using the keypad. This action will reveal a menu labeled Testing.
  • Proceed to select Phone information and navigate to Set preferred network type.
  • Choose LTE only from the drop-down menu to enforce the use of 4G LTE network mode on your Android device.
  • After making this adjustment, restart your phone and confirm the presence of a 4G LTE signal. To further validate the data speed, you can utilize a speed test application.
Force your Android to use 4G LTE

Quick Note: It’s important to note that the effectiveness of this approach could vary among Android devices and carriers. Certain devices might lack the Testing menu or the LTE-only option. Additionally, specific carriers may either disallow the enforcement of 4G LTE-only mode or impose additional charges for its usage.

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