Saudi Tech Tips: How to Game on the Xiaomi Mi Band 8

Game on the Xiaomi Mi Band

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This guide will show you how to game on the Xiaomi Mi Band 8.

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The gimmick enables the owners of the new Xiaomi Smart Band 8 fitness tracker to play games on their wrists. The Xiaomi Mi Band 8, might not be the first device that comes to mind when you think of gaming even with its impressive fitness tracking capabilities. However, with just the righ face for your band, you can turn this sleek fitness tracker into a gaming companion that adds a new dimension to your overall user experience.

How to Game on the Xiaomi Smart Band 8

Before we look into how to game on the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, let us look at the available game options;

2048: A solo puzzle game set on a 4×4 grid. The goal is to slide numbered tiles, combining them to achieve a tile with the number 2048.

Cross the Bridge: An engaging game requiring you to navigate a stickman through pipes without making contact with them.

Shooting Game: A classic where the objective is to consume dots while steering clear of self-collisions and walls.

Pac-Man: The renowned game involving dot consumption and ghost avoidance within a maze.

Now that you know what games are available on the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, let us check out how we can access these games;

  • Go to the Mi Fitness application.
  • Navigate to the Devices Tab within the app.
  • Select the Categories option.
  • Then select the Fresh and Fun option.
  • Select the face/game that you want, download it, and click on apply.

Quick Note: These games are more like the face for your watch and can only be played on your smart band.

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