Saudi Tech Tips: How to Get FaceTime on Windows

How to Get FaceTime on

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FaceTime, Apple’s proprietary video and audio calling application, has become an integral part of staying connected in today’s digital age. While FaceTime is seamlessly integrated into Apple devices, Windows users often find themselves searching for ways to access this popular communication tool. Fortunately, there is a way to bring FaceTime to your Windows PC, allowing you to connect with friends and family regardless of the device they’re using. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various options and provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to get FaceTime on Windows.

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How Do You FaceTime on a Computer Running Windows?

Windows users can only participate in the FaceTime call rather than initiate one for themselves. This is how they can get an iPhone user to share a link with them, which link they will use on their Windows PC to get to the FaceTime call.

1. Open FaceTime on your iPhone then tap on ‘Create a Link‘.

2. Copy the link and share it with the Windows user via a messaging app or via email.

3. On your Windows computer, find the FaceTime link and open it in the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browser (the link works with only those two browsers).

4. Key in your name in the space provided, then press Continue.

How Do You FaceTime on a Computer Running

5. Select Join to request to be added to the FaceTime call on Windows

How Do You FaceTime on a Computer Running

6. The Apple user needs to accept the request by selecting the checkbox on their screen.

How Do You FaceTime on a Computer Running

Can I Install a FaceTime App on a Windows PC?

You can’t get FaceTime as an app on Windows, but that’s okay because you don’t really need one. If someone with an Apple device sends you a chat link, you can use FaceTime on your Windows computer through a web browser. Just click the link, and you’re good to go! No extra apps are required.

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