Saudi Tech Tips: How to Move from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music

How to Move from Google Podcasts to YouTube

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The discontinuation of Google Podcasts marks the latest move by the tech giant. In April 2024, YouTube Music is set to take over the role of Google’s current podcasting service, positioning itself as the primary hub for podcasts. For those deeply ingrained in the YouTube Music ecosystem, incorporating podcast listening into the same service on your Android device becomes a logical and streamlined choice.

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Wondering about the process of transferring your podcast subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music? Curious about the steps if you’re using a different podcasting app? Interested in locating podcasts within the YouTube Music interface? Continue reading for the solutions to these queries.

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How to Migrate from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music

1. Open the Google Podcasts app

2. Choose the Export Subscriptions option from the top of the screen.

3. Under ‘Export to YouTube Music’ find the Export option and tap on it.

4. Next, tap Transfer on the YouTube Music app.

5. Select Continue

6. Once the transfer is complete, tap Go to Library to view your subscriptions.

What You Should Know?

Currently, this functionality is limited to users within the United States. The tool’s global availability remains uncertain.

It’s important to note that not all podcasts will transition to YouTube Music seamlessly. In cases where a podcast is unavailable, a message stating “Content is unavailable” may appear. Google recommends saving such podcasts to your library using the show’s RSS feed link.

The end-of-life date for Google Podcasts is set by Google as of April 2, 2024, at least for users in the United States. While the global applicability of this date is unclear, it is my perspective that this end-of-life date is likely to affect all Google Podcasts users worldwide. As the situation evolves, it is essential to stay informed about any updates or changes in the service’s availability.

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