Saudi Tech Tips: How to Print an Email from Outlook

How to Print an Email from

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Outlook, a powerhouse among email platforms, offers many features, and yet, printing an email might seem like a simple task. However, as we delve into the intricacies of this seemingly mundane process, you’ll discover the nuances that make it an essential skill. Whether it’s preserving crucial information or creating a tangible record, learning how to print an email from Outlook is a valuable skill that enhances your control over digital communication. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the detailed steps of printing an email from Outlook, covering various platforms such as PC and mobile devices.

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How to Print Emails from Outlook on a PC

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For Outlook Desktop App (Microsoft 365):

  1. Open the Outlook app on your desktop and navigate to the email you wish to print.
  2. Click on the File tab.
  3. Select Print from the left sidebar.
  4. Choose your desired printer and click on Print Options.
  5. Further adjust printer settings, such as print style and copies, as needed.
  6. In the Print dialog, confirm your options and hit Print.

Printing from the desktop app gives you the flexibility to fine-tune settings for a customized printout.

For Outlook Web App:

  1. Open your preferred browser, go to the Outlook web page, and log in.
  2. Open the email you want to print and click the More Options (three-dot) button.
  3. Select Print from the menu.
  4. The message will appear in a print preview. Click the Print icon in the top left corner.
  5. The browser’s print dialog will open, allowing you to configure print settings.

Printing from the web app is a seamless process, providing a convenient way to print emails without the need for desktop applications.

How to Print from Outlook on Android

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For Outlook Mobile App:

  1. Open the Outlook app on your mobile device and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the email you wish to print and tap the three-dot button.
  3. Select Print from the menu.
  4. Choose the desired printer and tap the printer icon.

Printing from your mobile device is a handy feature, especially when you need a hard copy on the go.

Bonus Tip: Printing to PDF

Regardless of the platform you’re using, Outlook often allows you to print to PDF. This is a valuable option for managing emails as files, offering a more straightforward method than forwarding or emailing the emails to yourself or others. If a physical copy is needed later, printing a PDF becomes a versatile solution.


Navigating through Outlook’s interface to convert electronic correspondence into a tangible document adds a layer of versatility to your digital toolkit. So, the next time you find yourself needing a hard copy, remember the power that lies in the seemingly simple task of printing an email from Outlook.

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