Saudi Tech Tips: How to Replace Your Lost/Stolen Lycamobile Sim card


How to Replace Your Lost/Stolen Lycamobile

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Losing your Lycamobile SIM card or having it stolen can be a frustrating and inconveniencing experience. However, the good news is that replacing it is a straightforward process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to replace your lost or stolen Lycamobile SIM card, ensuring a seamless transition while keeping your mobile number intact.

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These are the requirements that you should carry with you to any authorized Lycamobile shop for successful card replacement.

  • Police letter.
  • National ID/Refuge letter.
  • UGX 2,000 as a replacement fee (this price might differ depending on the retailing you are using).

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Replace Your Lost/Stolen Lycamobile Simcard

1. Visit any authorized Lycamobile retail shop in your area

2. Engage the customer care attendant on your need to replace your stolen or lost Lycamobile sim card.

3. You will be availed with a replacement form. Fill in all the required information including the number that you are replacing, your Card number, and recent data loads. Once that is down, present your SIM card replacement form, police letter, and a copy of your original identification document to the customer care attendant.

4. Thereafter, the customer care attendant with verify all the information using your thumbprint and thus start the card replacement process. Within a few seconds, your card will be replaced and the attendant will give you a brand-new SIM card attached to your number. Remember to pay for the replacement services.


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