Saudi Tech Tips: How to Reverify Airtel Numbers Registered Under your NIN

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Recently, Airtel requested all its subscribers to re-verify their Airtel SIM cards. This process involves confirming ownership of all Airtel SIM cards that are registered under a particular National Identification Number (NIN). However, this call to action did not yield the desired results, as a significant number of subscribers failed to complete the SIM card re-verification process. Consequently, this non-compliance has led to certain limitations, such as the inability to make or receive calls or, in some cases, disconnection of the line.

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What Should be Done?

Airtel has an ongoing advertisement across various social media platforms explaining that subscribers can perform self-verification by dialing *197# and selecting re-verification from the displayed menu. However, this feature appears to encounter an issue. When I use the mentioned method, I receive an on-screen notification indicating, “You are not eligible to access this service.”

Since I was unable to proceed with the self-verification process, I contacted Airtel customer care to inquire about resolving this issue. The customer service representative advised me to visit the nearest Airtel shop for further guidance. I followed their advice, and I will now assist you in understanding how you can re-verify Airtel numbers registered under the same NIN.

  • Go to the nearest Airtel Authorised Service center with an original copy of your national ID/passport/refugee card.
  • Inform the teller that the main intention for your visit is to re-verify your sim.
  • Share details of your Airtel number.
  • The attendant will initiate the re-verification process, which involves scanning your National Identification Card, capturing your selfie, and scanning your thumbprint for verification.
  • If you have other numbers attached to your NIN, they will be reverified as well unless you disagree.

That’s it! The re-verification process is free.

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