Saudi Tech Tips: How to Stop Promotional Messages on MTN

How to Stop Promotional Messages on

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MTN Uganda sends promotional messages to inform subscribers about new products, services, and promotions. While some users find them informative, others may find them intrusive. Fortunately, MTN provides options to manage and control these messages according to your preferences. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to stop promotional messages on MTN, ensuring a more peaceful and focused mobile experience.

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How to Stop Promotional Messages on MTN

  • Dial *196# using your MTN number on your phone.
  • Select option 7- ‘Block All‘. You will receive an on-screen confirmation that all Messages are blocked. Therefore you won’t receive messages from MTN subscription services, MTN messages, MTN Rewards, and Subscription alerts.
How to Stop Promotional Messages on

Alternatively, you can choose to stop promotional messages per category on MTN;

  • Dial *196# on your MTN line.
  • Choose an option depending on the promotional messages that you would like to block or stop. For instance;

MTN Subscription Service: Every time you buy data, voice bundles, and SMS bundles you receive an SMS to confirm your subscription. If such messages irritate you, you can select the option and then opt for Block.

MTN Messages: Time and time again, MTN will send you messages regarding MTN Promos, MTN info, MTN services, MTN Devices, MTN Products, MTN Mobile Money, MTN Business, or MTN Stuff. If you aren’t a huge fan of any of the listed options, don’t hesitate to hit the Block button.

MTN Rewards: This is a loyalty point-based system designed to reward you as an MTN customer. Therefore every time you use your MTN services, MTN rewards you and you get a notification. If you want to stop such messages as well, hit block button.

Subscription Alerts: This option, will allow you to block all services that you are subscribed to as well as those that keep popping up.

Taking control of promotional messages on your MTN line is not only possible but also relatively straightforward. By utilizing MTN’s DND service, you will enjoy a more customized and interruption-free mobile experience. Remember, you can always follow the same steps to allow promotional messages on your MTN number.

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