Saudi Tech Tips: Troubleshooting Windows 10’s inability to Detect Wi-Fi Networks

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Troubleshooting Windows 10’s inability to detect Wi-Fi networks. When your Windows 10 computer has trouble locating your Wi-Fi network, it could be due to various reasons. The issue might be related to your computer or your Wi-Fi setup. Sometimes, your computer might pick up other Wi-Fi networks but fail to spot your desired home or workplace network. Regardless of the specific problem, I’ll guide you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix it helping you get back online swiftly.

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1. Forget Network

You might find this a bit unusual, but there’s a trick I’ve stumbled upon. Occasionally, Windows can pick up a network better if you ask it to forget all about that network’s details. However, be cautious and keep your Wi-Fi password handy, or else you might find yourself locked out!

Here’s the lowdown on how to go about it:

Hit the Win key and I key together to fire up the Settings menu.

Navigate to Network & Internet, then head over to Wi-Fi, and finally, click on Manage Known Networks.

Locate the Wi-Fi network you’re aiming to connect to, and give it a click, selecting the Forget option.

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2. Disable & Enable your Network Interface Card (NIC)

The Network Interface Card handles all your internet connections, whether they’re wired or wireless. So, if you’re facing some network troubles that might be NIC-related, here’s a quick and easy fix for you:

First things first, let’s open up the Control Panel. You can do this by clicking on the Start button and typing “Control Panel” in the search bar. Then hit Enter.

Now, in the Control Panel, look for a section called “Network and Internet.” Click on that.

Within “Network and Internet,” you’ll find a link that says “Network and Sharing Center.” Click on that too, and the one that says “Change Adapter Settings”.

This is where the magic happens! Right-click on your wireless adapter [Wi-Fi]—that’s the thing that makes your Wi-Fi work—and choose “Disable.”

Now, right-click on it again, but this time, go ahead and select “Enable.”

And that’s it, my friends! You’ve given your NIC a little reset, and hopefully, it’ll sort out those pesky network problems you were facing.

3. Turn off Airplane Mode

It’s possible that your laptop got switched into “Airplane mode” without you realizing it. This mode turns off all your wireless connections, and it can happen accidentally. Maybe you pressed a button or changed a setting without knowing.

To fix this, follow these steps:

Left click on the notifications panel in the bottom left corner.

Left click on Airplane mode to turn it off.

4. Run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter

Windows has a built-in tool to help you sort out your internet issues. Just follow these simple steps for Windows 10:

Start by opening settings by pressing the windows key and letter “I” on your keyboard. Then, go to Update & Security and click on Troubleshoot.

You’ll see an option that says Additional troubleshooter. Click on it.

Next, select Internet Connections and choose “Run the troubleshooter.”

Now, just do what it tells you on the screen. Easy, right?

5. Remove the Wireless Profile

A messed-up wireless profile could also be the cause of your Wi-Fi troubles. But don’t worry, I’ll show you an easy fix!

First, open Command Prompt as an admin by pressing the Windows key and X at the same time, and pick “Run as administrator.” This makes it super strong!

Now, type this command: netsh wlan delete profile name=NetworkName. Just replace “NetworkName” with your network’s name. Press Enter.

Ta-da! Windows 10 will kick out the bad profile and make a new one.

Now, you should be able to connect to Wi-Fi as long as you’re close enough.


To sum it up, when your Windows 10 computer can’t find Wi-Fi networks, it can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there are some simple steps to fix it.

You might need to forget a network, reset your network card, check Airplane mode, run a troubleshooter, or delete and recreate a wireless profile.

These steps can help you get back online quickly. So, if you ever have Wi-Fi problems on your Windows 10 PC, remember these solutions to stay connected!

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