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Starfield, in its great expanse, is an RPG with so much to do and explore. Naturally, with all those activities comes the chance of earning a large sum of credits, which is the in-game currency. While there are dozens of ways to quickly earn credits in Starfield, one surefire way is the infamous Almagest jackpot, which is an abandoned casino spaceship that holds a lot of riches. But where is the Almagest jackpot, and what is the combination to get the reward in Starfield? We answer all that and more in our guide below. So get in your spaceship, and let’s do this.

What Is the Almagest Casino Jackpot in Starfield

For starters, let’s talk about the prize itself. The Almagest Jackpot is a neat little prize that is tucked away in an old space station known as The Almagest. The Almagest was once a huge floating casino frequented by people around the cosmos. However, due to some reason or the other, it fell prey to ruin and is now inhabited by Spacers, bandits with no respect and a lot of greed. The Almagest Casino houses a grand vault that holds winnings in the form of loot, which people call the Almagest Jackpot.

Now, unfortunately, to get the loot, you not only need to cross a dozen Spacers but also need a jackpot combination, which is a little tricky to get. Well, we had the same problem, so we decided to solve it.

So, in order to get the Almagest jackpot, begin by heading to the planet of Nesoi in the Olyumpus Star System near Alpha Centauri, where you will find the Almagest floating in Space. Dock your Starfield ship to the casino and follow the sections below to locate the vault and the key combination.

Where to Find the Almagest Jackpot Combination

Now, before we begin heading over to the vault, we need the Almagest jackpot combination to enter the terminal. This can be found in the computer terminal belonging to the Casino Manager. To reach this terminal, head to the second floor of the casino.

Above Bar Almagest Starfield

If you get lost on the floor, remember you must go a level above and then you will encounter a massive bar in the middle of the casino. Once on the floor, keep moving forward and eliminate any Spacers you see. You will then run into a small cabin. Inside, you will find the casino manager’s computer and a handy science crate, which houses additional loot.

While you can look for the combination yourself, we will give you the numbers to help you out. The Almagest jackpot combination is 12, 19, 36, 5. Now, with the combination with us, let’s head to the vault and enter it.

Where to Enter the Almagest Jackpot Combination

Now, it is time to enter the Almagest jackpot combination. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Proceed to head back down a level and into the giant bar you saw below. At this point, you will start seeing a massive vault door. Keep heading towards it.
Head towards the bar
  • When at the vault door, you will notice it is locked. Ignore that and head into the little opening you see on the bottom right.
Little opening starfield
  • Now, climb up the vent, and you will find another short hallway that ends with the jackpot terminal and a contraband cache you can claim.
  • Finally, interact with the Almagest Jackpot Backend and enter the combination, which is 12, 19, 36, 5.
  • And just like that, you will receive the Almagest Jackpot, which is a total of 3,700 Credits! Congratulations, as you can now spend it anywhere you please.

Is the Almagest Jackpot in Starfield Worth It?

As far as jackpots in games go, the Almagest jackpot isn’t the best of winnings out there. While you get 3,700 credits, keep in mind that we have to battle it out with a lot of Spacers to get to it. Furthermore, this is before all the travel involved to get there. However, the deal is sweetened by the Science Crate we find, coupled with some nice contraband like Harvested Organs.

COntraband cache starfield

While I would normally advise skipping the Almagest jackpot, the combined total of prizes makes the effort worth it. So go ahead and claim it for yourself using our guide above.


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