Saudi Tech Tips: How Much Do You Pay for Prime Video in Kenya?

How much do you Pay for Prime Video in

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In Kenya, there are a number of streaming platforms that you can choose from. You could go for Netflix, Showmax, or Amazon Prime Video. Also, there is no harm in subscribing to all of them at once. Each streaming platform offers different content and watch vibes. This makes Amazon Prime Video to be a preferred choice for entertainment enthusiasts in Kenya. However, one common question that arises when considering subscribing to this platform is, “How much do you pay for Prime Video in Kenya?” In this article, we’ll explore the pricing options for Amazon Prime Video in Kenya and help you decide which plan best suits your needs.

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How much is Prime Video in Kenya?

The monthly subscription for Amazon Prime Video goes for KES 560 only.

With that monthly subscription, you will be able to stream all your favorite movies and series on three different devices at the same time. There is also an offline provision. You can download movies and watch them later only if your gadget is compatible. Plus, you get Prime Music with it, and you can listen to over two million songs without annoying ads.

Is Amazon Prime Available in Kenya?

Yes, Amazon Prime video is available in Kenya. To sign up for Amazon Prime Video in Kenya, you will have to visit the Amazon Prime Video website and create an account then get started with watching your favorite shows.

How much do you Pay for Prime Video in

Can I Pay for Amazon Prime with Mpesa?

To pay Amazon Prime using Mpesa you will need to create a Mpesa virtual card called Mpesa Global Pay. Just dial *334#, select option 6- Lipa Na Pesa, choose M-PESA Global Pay, and follow the prompts. Once you have created a virtual card through MPESA you will be able to pay your subscription.

Other cards that support VISA and Mastercard payments can be supportive as well as well-known virtual cards.

How to Pay an Amazon Prime Video Subscription in Kenya?

When you are signing up for Amazon Prime Video, you will be required to enter payment details. You can choose to use MPESA Global Pay Mastercard or VISA debit/credit cards for payment. The monthly payment will be automatically deducted from the listed payment method. Therefore keep your account up to date.

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