Saudi Tech Tips: How to Fix Gmail Not Letting You Attach Files

Fix Gmail Not Letting You Attach

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Gmail, with its abundance of features, is generally a reliable email service, but it’s not without the occasional hiccup. One such hiccup is encountered when you’re unable to attach files to your Gmail messages. This can be a frustrating experience, especially when you need to share important documents. This comprehensive guide will answer questions on why your Gmail is not attaching files or why the file button is not working on the Gmail app of both your Android and iPhone. Here is how to fix of failed attachments on Gmail for all devices (Mac,iPhone, Android) and browsers (Chrome).

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Steps to Fix Gmail Not Allowing File Attachment

Check Attachment Size

One of the most common reasons for Gmail not allowing file attachments is that the files you’re attempting to send are too large. Gmail is not designed for sharing hefty files, and it imposes a maximum limit of 25 MB for attachments.

If you try to attach a file exceeding this limit, Gmail will not attach it to your email directly. Instead, the file will be uploaded to Google Drive, and a download link to the file will be included in your email. To successfully send an attachment within the email itself, ensure the file size is less than 25 MB. If you have multiple files, consider sending them in separate emails, or compress them into a .zip or .rar archive to reduce the file size.

Try a Different Browser

If Gmail refuses to let you attach files, even when they’re under 25 MB, it’s possible that the issue lies with your web browser rather than Gmail. Your browser might be blocking Gmail from attaching files, and switching to a different browser could resolve the problem.

Try signing in to Gmail using an alternative browser to see if you encounter the same issue. If Gmail functions as expected in the different browser, it’s a strong indicator that the initial browser was the source of the problem.

Use the Gmail App

To further narrow down the source of the problem, you can use the Gmail app on your mobile device. If you can successfully attach files without any issues in the Gmail app, it suggests that the problem may be browser-specific.

While you can continue using the Gmail app to attach files, it’s worthwhile to investigate the cause of the issue for your browser using the suggestions below.

Update Your Browser

If attaching files in Gmail works in one browser but not another, it could indicate that the problematic browser is outdated. Updating your browser may help resolve the issue. The steps to update your browser may vary depending on whether you’re using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. You can easily find instructions for updating your browser of choice through a quick web search.

Try Private Browsing

Extensions within your browser can sometimes interfere with Gmail’s functionality. Disabling these extensions one by one can be a painstaking process, especially if you have numerous extensions. Additionally, it’s not guaranteed that extensions are the cause of Gmail attachment issues.

To identify if extensions are causing the problem, you can try opening Gmail in a private browsing session, such as “Incognito” mode in Chrome. By default, this mode disables extensions. If Gmail allows you to attach files in private browsing mode, it’s a strong indicator that one of the extensions is causing the problem. You can then systematically disable them, one at a time, until you identify the culprit. Once found, you can either disable or completely remove the problematic extension.

Clear Your Cache

Clearing your browser’s cache can often resolve problems with Gmail. The cache is a collection of locally stored data on your computer that your browser utilizes to enhance speed and performance. It helps your browser retrieve files and content more efficiently. However, cached files can sometimes become corrupted, leading to issues like the one you’re experiencing.

Keep in mind that clearing your cache may result in the loss of saved settings on websites, and you may need to sign in again on sites where you were previously logged in. To clear the cache on Google Chrome:

  1. Press “CTRL + ALT + DEL” to open the clear browser data setting or click chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.
  2. Choose “All Time” from the “Time Range” drop-down to delete the entire cache.
  3. Make sure both “Cookies and Other Site Data” and “Cached Images and Files” are selected, then click “Clear Data.”
Fix Gmail Not Letting You Attach Files: Clear browsing cache and cookies
Clear browsing cache and cookies

Now, attempt to attach a file in Gmail once more and see if the problem has been resolved.

Check Your Android Storage Permissions

If you’re using Gmail on an Android device and experience issues with attaching files, it may be due to insufficient permissions to access your device’s storage.

To grant Gmail storage permissions on Android:

  1. Open the “Settings” and select “Apps.”
Fix Gmail Not Letting You Attach Files: Select apps in settings
Select apps in settings
  1. Tap on “All Apps,” then scroll down and locate “Gmail.”
Fix Gmail Not Letting You Attach Files: Select Gmail
Select Gmail
  1. Click on “Permissions.”
Click permissions to see allowed settings
Click permissions to see allowed settings
  1. If you see “Storage” under “Allowed,” no further action is required.
Allowed access to phone storage
Allowed access to phone storage
  1. If “Storage” is listed under “Not Allowed,” tap it and choose “Allow Access to Storage Only.”

After granting these permissions, attempt to attach files in Gmail to see if the issue is resolved.


Hopefully, one of the suggestions mentioned above has successfully resolved your Gmail attachment issue. If you discover additional remedies, please share them in the comments below. Should you encounter other problems with Gmail, there are alternative fixes to explore. You can learn how to address issues such as Gmail not sending notifications, Gmail misbehaving on your iPhone, or problems with text overwriting in Gmail. Gmail is a powerful email platform, and with these troubleshooting steps, you can keep it running smoothly.

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