Saudi Tech Tips: How to Change Default Language in Chrome

Change Default Language in

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This guide will show you how to change the default language within the browser on any handy Chromebook, Android phone, Windows PC, or device compatible with Chrome.

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Google Chrome embraces linguistic diversity, enabling countless users to navigate the web in their desired languages. Despite the default language being English, the browser accommodates over 100 languages, providing the flexibility to switch from Chrome’s pre-set default. Moreover, when encountering a webpage in a foreign language, Chrome seamlessly translates it into a language of your preference. This feature eliminates the need for constant adjustments to your language settings while browsing the web.

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How to Change Default Language in Chrome

On Windows systems, modifying the primary language of Google Chrome can be done directly within the application.

Here is how you can change the language in Chrome for Windows and Android phones;

1. Click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your browser.

2. Select “Settings.”

Change Default Language in

3. Choose “Languages” for the menu to open.

4. Click “Add languages.”

Change Default Language in

5. Choose the language you want and click “Add.”

Change Default Language in

6. Click the three vertical dots next to the language you want.

7. Check “Display Google Chrome” in this language.

Change Default Language in

Quick Note: Mac and Linux users who installed Chrome can adjust the language settings through the computer’s settings menu. It may be necessary to relaunch the browser to apply the changes. It’s worth noting that the choice to showcase Chrome in a specific language or provide translation services might be inaccessible or disabled, indicating that the selected language is not supported in Chrome’s user interface (UI).

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