Saudi Tech Tips: How to Enable or Disable Autoscrolling in Final Cut Pro

How to Enable or Disable Autoscrolling in Final Cut

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Before proceeding with the step-by-step guide, ensure that Final Cut Pro is up-to-date, specifically version 10.7, so you can enable and disable autoscrolling.

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Autoscrolling is a feature in Final Cut Pro that automatically adjusts the timeline display as you move through your project. This can be beneficial when working on lengthy projects, helping you navigate the timeline effortlessly. However, there are situations where you might prefer a fixed timeline view, making manual control more desirable.

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By default, the autoscrolling feature is enabled. Fortunately, there is a provision for users who dislike this feature to disable it. To disable autoscrolling in Final Cut Pro;

1. Go to the Settings option in Final Cut Pro. Alternatively, press Command-Comma.

2. Click on the Playback option.

3. Choose “Scroll timeline continuously during playback.”

That’s it! Moving forward if your project goes beyond what you can see on the timeline, the playhead (the marker showing where you are in the project) moves to the middle of the timeline. It stays there while the clips you’re watching pass by underneath the viewer.

Whether you’re a seasoned Final Cut Pro user or a newcomer, understanding how to enable or disable autoscrolling gives you greater flexibility and control over your editing process. By following these steps, you can tailor Final Cut Pro to meet your specific workflow preferences, ensuring a seamless and efficient video editing experience.

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