Saudi Tech Tips: How to Find and Purchase Concert Tickets on Spotify

Find tickets for live concerts on

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This guide will walk you through the steps of finding and purchasing concert tickets on Spotify, ensuring you never miss out on your favorite artist’s live performance.

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Music streaming platforms have evolved beyond just offering a library of songs. Spotify has a Live Events feature that enables users to discover a variety of live musical experiences in their locations. From concerts and festivals to raves and more, this feature broadens the scope of live events available for exploration.

Before budgeting for Spotify’s live event feature, you need to know the following;

  • The feature exclusively lists in-person live events from headlining artists only.
  • Concerts are listed based on the Spotify location.
  • Spotify focuses on upcoming events within a few months and doesn’t support long-term planning.
  • While Spotify earns a commission on ticket sales, it doesn’t inflate ticket prices, ensuring transparent transactions.

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How to Find and Purchase Concert Tickets on Spotify

Before diving into the world of concert ticket purchasing, make sure your Spotify app is up to date.

Let’s get started with finding upcoming concerts and how to buy tickets on Spotify;

1. Start the Spotify app and head over to the search button displayed on the Home screen.

2. On the Search page, find the Live Events option and click on it.

3. Scroll through the recommended lists of live concerts and tap on the concert or artist who interests you.

4. if the concert runs for multiple days, choose a date from the lineup you’d prefer to get more details about the venue and schedule.

5. Now, once that is figured out, tap on Find Tickets.

6. Upon clicking, you will be directed to a partner website. Once the partner page loads, tap on the ‘Buy Tickets’ to finalize payment.

In case you want to see more events in different cities, change location to that preferred city within the ‘Live events‘ section. The Live Events feature only shows events for each location as per the selected default location. A list of upcoming events in the chosen city will appear.

That wraps up the process of acquiring event tickets through Spotify. If you found this information useful, drop a comment to let us know. And remember to share this post with friends who might find it beneficial.

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