Saudi Tech Tips: How to Share Data/Internet on MTN to MTN

Share Data/Internet on MTN to

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Airtel Uganda allows its subscribers to share-Tugabane data with friends and family. MTN has quite a similar feature that enables MTN customers to Me2U or share the internet with fellow MTN subscribers. This guide will help you with everything you need to know about MTN internet sharing and how you can share data from MTN to MTN in Uganda.

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How to Share Data from MTN to MTN using Me2U

Before sharing the Data using the Me2U method, this is what you need to know;

  • For Data Me2U, all Weekly and Monthly MTN Data bundles can be shared with up to five (5) beneficiaries per day by the principal data bundle owner.
  • However, Data resources shared through Data Me2U will cumulatively be limited to 2GB per day from the principal number.
  • Once shared through Me2U, the validity of the shared resources is seven (7) days for the beneficiary.
  • Data Me2U is a permanent offer from MTN.
  • To benefit from Data Me2U, all users – beneficiaries, and benefactors alike, must possess an MTN SIM card.
  • To share MTN data through Me2u, customers can dial *100#, and/or *160# interactive USSD menus, as well as through the MyMTN.
  • MTN bears no risk for the sharing of the resources by a subscriber in favor of another subscriber without the sender having secured the recipient’s consent.

If everything is in check, follow the guide below to share your data;

  1. Dial *160#.
  2. Choose the Me2U option.
  3. Select the Data option from the menu.
  4. Enter the recipient’s number.
  5. Key in the amount of data you would like to share.
  6. After here, you receive a confirmation message that you have shared data with the MTN number that you entered earlier.
How to Share Data/Internet on MTN to MTN

How to Share Data from MTN to MTN using the Internet Share option

In the table below, we show you the Monthly Data Bundles and the Freedom Data Bundles that fall under the internet shareable category;

The monthly bundles
Data volume Price Validity
7.5GB 20,000 30 days
22GB 50,000 30 days
48GB 100,000 30 days
85GB 170,000 30 days
The Freedom data bundles
Data volume Price
8GB 25,000
17GB 50,000
27GB 75,000
40GB 100,000
65GB 150,000

If you have the tabled shareable data bundles, follow the step-by-step guide below;

  1. Dial *160#.
  2. Choose the Bundles option followed by Mobile Internet.
  3. Select Internet Share.
  4. Go for option 2: Add User.
  5. Enter the recipient’s MTN number and they will be added to your Internet share plan.

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